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Family Home Reliever - Greymouth

Child, Youth and Family (Ministry of Social Development)
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West Coast
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Job Description

Our Family Home Relievers look after our homes for short periods and are part of a wider team who support young people from our community to build the foundation they need to benefit from ongoing support. 


What does a Family Home Reliever do?

Our Family Home Relievers step in to run the family home located in Greymouth for short periods when the Family Home Parents are away. When a reliever is working, they will stay in the home and are integral to providing a safe and stable home environment for young people - and this can mean the world to a young person.

Working alongside our Social Workers, setting simple rules with consistency and respectful care, we help our young people get enough balance in their lives to benefit from the ongoing support we provide.


What experience do you need to be a Family Home Reliever?

Firstly - There is no 'certificate' that says you would be a great reliever. The most important thing you need is life experience, a dose of resilience and a desire to make a positive, life changing difference to another human being. 

"Our family homes are often a critical part of care and support in a young person's life."


Where do our relievers normally come from?

The answer is - 'Every walk of life' from changing career from a first responder, the defence force or commercial sector roles. A lot of our relievers have done it with their own kids or are most of the way through bringing up their own family.


Are you curious? Do you want to know a bit more detail of what goes on?

Please apply online with your CV and cover letter.


All applications must be made online. If this is not possible or if you have any queries, please contact Sonia Fairie at 0-3-9060817 and

Applications close: Monday, 5 December 2016