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This NZ Government website is your gateway to job and career opportunities within Te Ratonga Tūmatanui – The Public Service of Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you’re a job seeker or government agency, you can search for jobs, or create an account and set up job alerts. Most government agencies can advertise with jobs.govt.nz.

Hunga rapu mahi | Job seekers

To apply for jobs or create alerts, you need to create an account using RealMe.

While most jobs can be applied for through jobs.govt.nz, some employers would like candidates to apply via their website. You may be redirected to the government agency’s careers portal in the ‘apply now’ section.

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Useful websites

Find out more about working in New Zealand and immigration requirements.

Working in NZ

Overseas applicants

Hunga pānui mahi | Job advertisers

Most New Zealand public service organisations can advertise vacancies for free on jobs.govt.nz.

Read more about how to set up an agency account.

Advertising education sector jobs

For education sector job ads, contact the Education Gazette.

Education Gazette

Advertising jobs in local government

For local government job ads, contact Taituarā — Local Government Professionals Aotearoa.


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Email jobs.govt.nz to set up an agency account, or to access your agency’s account using RealMe.

Email: jobsiteadministrator@dia.govt.nz

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Vacancies remain on jobs.govt.nz until the day after the stated closing date for applications. Vacancies are then automatically unpublished.

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