Privacy Statement

1 By creating a job profile on, you are able to either:

  • Enable all agencies to access your profile, or
  • Specify which agencies, if any, are able to access your profile, and
  • Use the profile yourself to apply for vacancies as you wish.

2 It is your responsibility to ensure that your job profile is accurate, up to date, complete and not misleading. Once you have established your job profile you will have access to your information at any time to make corrections and/or to remove it from the site if you so wish.

3 Agencies that access your job profile will use the information you have supplied to assess your suitability for positions in that agency and by creating this profile you are enabling any such agency to contact you about a suitable position.

4 Nominated agency staff with access to personal information will only use it for recruitment purposes within that agency. Agencies have an obligation to check that the information they use is the most recent information provided, and to abide by the State Sector Code of Conduct, the New Zealand Privacy Act and other relevant regulations.

5 The information you provide (i.e. your job profile) will be held by the company that hosts the site RecruitASP Pty Limited. This company has undertaken to comply with the New Zealand Privacy Act in their dealings with personal information held on this site.

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